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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  March 23, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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miles per hour, a little bit of some pockets of moderate rainfall here from danville down to san jose, but of course, as we head into tomorrow morning, it's all about our thursday morning storm. not only the wind, but also the rain that could be anywhere from one to two inches andecause of at, a newly issued flo od advisory in place for the north bay, napa,he sonoma and marin pa counties, on of our most critical area, we could see the heaviest rainfall, one to two inches here with that excessive runoff. then this flood advisory has now also in the past 45 minutes, been expired -- or extended, rather to the peninsula, east bay and the south bay. and one of our largest concerns continues to be the mountains in the south bay, right across the santa cruz region. in fact, that's where we join nbc's marianne favro live with us right now you are east of felton near the santa cruz mountain community of mount herman and we hear another road is blocked off from yet another landslide? >> reporter: you're right, jeff. the slide happened at 11:00 this
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morning. in fact, we were driving on this road when we actually saw the rocks coming down and we also saw some sparks from the powerlines. i want to show you what's going on right now if you come down here, you can see that there is a man in a bucket truck up there. what he is doing is using a chainsaw to actually cut away the trees away from the power lines. looking down at the road, you can see how much this dirt has completely covered the roadway. no one can get through right now. it also brought down a very large tree. and this slide is impacting more than 400 people. >> the tree went over the line. >> reporter: drivers were directed to take a detour because of this danger, a rock slide crashed down on conference road in mount herman, blocking it. in a domino effect, the slide knocked down this tree which then took out powerlines. now these nearby homes are dark. there are 437 homes in this area. most people use this road to get to them. tim love drove to town on this road this morning.
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now he is forced to take the long way home. >> i'm actually going to pick up my son from kindergarten and when i dropped him off this morning, like i said there were rocks and some debris coming down. so, i had a feeling that it was getting ready to go. >> reporter: this school bus usually drops students off near their doorstep. today, parents had to meet their kids at the closure and shuttle them home in their own cars. >> it took me about ten minutes longer than normal. >> reporter: seeing this house perch precariously above this slide makest a remind they are is slide country. geologists were kept from assessing the road on scotts valley. the slide trapped people in 33 homes, still getting mail but it will be weeks before the road is reopened. with more rain coming, people here are wondering not if there will be another slide but where. and the crews again, their priority is to remove the trees away from the power lines and once that work is done, then work to clean up the dirt here can begin. i'm told that it will take about 36 hours to clear this road, but
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remember, we have more rain on the way so that could severely hamper those efforts. reporting live at mount herman, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a huge hassle for those people. thank you, marianne. it is the soggy domino affect, the rain is sach rake the the ground which in turn is causing tree trouble all across the bay area. nbc bay area's chris sanchez is live with us w i understand you talked to an or borist, how do you know he if a tree is in danger of falling? >> reporter: my trees at my house have been keeping me up at night, not because they are scratching the rooftop but i wonder if they are safe. i talked to an or borist and they gave us tips to look out for. if you look at the branches at the top of your tree, want to look for branchs that are not broken, not drooping and not offshooting some place where there aren't any other branches that is a sign they could snap and break. as you look at the bottom of your tree, you want to look for a nice, wide flair, wait we used to draw them in kindergarten, an indication it has a nice, stable
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root system. looking down, want to make sure you don't see mushrooms, a sign of an advance deed kay. you want to call in an export for that and look for any sort of heaving, the lifting of the grown. that means your tree may be leaning to one direction and root system might be lifting as well. when you reach your smaller trees, even smaller than this one, give them a good shake and make sure that the ground around the tree does not move because that's sign that it is not a stable tree. now, those are some pretty good tips that you can take care of for yourself in your own backyard or front yard, but there are very sure signs of when you should call in a pro. >> if you see the tree leaning and you've noticed it leaning in the past and it looks like the lean is increasing, call someone right away. if you have a large number of dead branches or it's leaning on a building or a fence, call a professional right away. >> reporter: okay. so also, you want to take a look at your sprinklers. you want to make sure that you want your grass to be water old or landscaping but you don't want your sprinklers to be hitting the side of the trunk of your tree because that can kind
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of accelerate any sort of rot toward the bottom. also, want to call a professional this time of year we get knocks on our doors from people who have chain sauce and offering to trim the trees for cheap but that could not only cost you your tree if it is not done the correct way but can cost you in terms of your homeowners a insurance if that person is not insured and has an accident on your property, you are liable. also, you can check out a site called trees are t is the international society of arborists and they offer lots of tips on how to know whether your trees are healthy. also, how to find a certified arborist in your area. now it is not a cheap service, but it is a very valuable service because the alternative can be very expensive if your trees come crashing down on your property or on a car or even worse if it creates a danger to pedestrians or your family. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> some excellent insight. thank you. we move on now, our wet weather means steady supply of snow, of course, in the sierra.
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plows are working around the clock. in fact, there's so much snow, they are running out of space to move the snow. they are using trucks to haul the snow to other locations. chain restrictions, not surprisingly, are in place on i-80 and 50. officials are also warning skiers that conditions are ripe for avalanches, so be aware, stay within your ski runs and within the boundaries. the california department of water resources says the sierra has gotten so much snow this season, its water content is 148% of normal. go to for continuing coverage of our weather here, including your specific forecast and a look at the current conditions on our radar. you can also sign up for weather updates on new tonight at 5:00, people living near an oakland creek disgusted tonight after a massive sewer spill near their homes. they are especially angry because that nasty overflow may have been the work of a vandal. >> let's go to the map now. talking about the saucele creek
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area near the diamond district of oakland, not far from piedmont. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is there tonight. you are talking about a sewage spill and a community, these things get a lot -- very dicey really quick, correct? >> reporter: raj, the creek is considered the jewel of oakland's diamond district. it's located just down the hill from where we're standing and tonight, that jewel has been tainted. just take a look at the signs that are up all over this area. they read, danger, raw sewage, avoid contact. this after city officials say vandals did some real dirty work. >> i love saucele creek. i think it is wonderful that we have urban creek running right through the sent over oakland. >> reporter: but this natural setting is is blast weird warning signs tonight, after a massive sewer spill dumped 351,000 gallons of human sewage into saucele creek, leaving neighbors and creek lovers on edge. >> it's harmful for the fish and
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other wildlife and insect life that's in the creek. >> reporter: oakland public works officials say when they arrived to the scene last wednesday afternoon, water was gushing from a sewage pipe manhole. turns out someone had thrown rocks down that manhole, backing the system up. the city calls it an act of sabotage. >> you've seen the area. you understand what it takes to actually get to some of these locations. and just that alone is a task, other than trying to remove a 200-pound object. >> reporter: city contained the area and began pumping the contaminated water out. still, they estimate 84,000 gallons made its way downstream. people who live in the area aren't happy. >> it's terrible. i mean, we should -- we walk on this creek regularly. i mean, this should be taken care of. i mean, we were walking in water that had sewage in it. you know?
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so, i mean, it's -- it's a terrible thing. >> reporter: now, we are back here live. city officials tell me this isn't the first case of this kind of vandalism. apparently another manhole located in another part of town was broken into back in december. in that care the vandals actually put a basketball down into the manhole, causing 181,000 gallons of human sewage to spill into the waterway out there now in this case, we are told that the weather may actually be helping the situation, diluting some of that waste that landed into the creek, but at this point, one week after this happened, people are still being urged to steer clear of the water. reporting live in oakland i'm jodi had hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. the final decision still being debated but for now, same-sex marriages are still not allowed. that decision came today from the ninth circuit court of appeals. the two gay couples at the
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center of the fight against prop 8 have requested that same-sex marriages resume in california while their legal case is being appealed. a district judge ruled that prop 8 violated the state constitution, but the sponsors of the ballot measure are appealing. whether they can pursue their legal case is being decided right now by the state supreme court. now to an nbc bay area follow-up a suspected east bay madam is off the hook tonight. why? because her case is linked to the alleged crooked narcotics officer. prosecutors in contra costa county dropped charges against the alleged madam because of credibility problems with their main witness. so, their agent, norman welsh. welsh is accused of stealing drugs from evidence low. he has pled not guilty. the d.a. he's office says 40 cases are at stake. possible criminal bobs free to go. the government's star witness in the barry bond's perjury trial testified today he saw the home run king's personal
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trainer leave bonds' bedroom with a syringe in the year 2000. steve hoskins traveled with bonds as his assistant. he saw the player and his trainer disappear into bonds' bedroom several times over the years and bonds' weight gain concerned him so much, he secretly recorded a conversation with the trainer about steroid social he could convince bonds' father to intervene. well, still ahead, feeling tired here? that lack of sleep may have you dreaming of some rest, but researchers say it's likely having an impact on your waist line. also ahead, the passing of a hollywood legend. everyone in mourning tonight over the death of elizabeth taylor. howpaying her tribute. concerns in japanned three a rush at grocery store there is, while a search continues for americans still missing in japan. good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. windy this morning about the weaker winds that moved through. winds moved through at 50 miles an hour in los gatos and
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30-mile-an-hour wind gusts in san jose. we are looking ahead toward our next storm and the flood advisory already out for the ttire bay area mo moroing.rn we will have details on this stronger storm for your commute, coming up.
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our international headlines now. we are a week into the u.s.-led military intervention in libya and there are concern that is fight is dissolving into a stalemate. u.s. pilots are flying 45% of the missions, almost half of what it was a few days ago. libyan leader moammar gadhafi's forces are taking heavy hits from the air but on the ground, rebel forces are losing territory. president barack obama pulled out a land invasion to -- has ruled to out a land invasion to oust gadhafi, but house speaker
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john boehner sent a letter to the president today demanding an outline of the u.s. goals in libya. radiation leaking from japan's tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant is now in tokyo's tap water, prompting long lines for water and certain foods. the water is safe for adult bus the government says radiation levels are higher than recommended for infants. the u.s. is still searching for a few americans that remain unaccounted for in northern japan. the state department says one u.s. citizen is confirmed dead. well, she was a hollywood icon with a colorful life, both on and off-screen. known for living her life to the fullest with passion and humor. elizabeth taylor died this morning in los angeles at the age of 79, after battling heart failure. nbc bay area's scott budman has more on her life and legacy. >> reporter: with her striking
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beauty and violet eyes, elizabeth taylor was the epitome of a hollywood icon. >> in some ways, she is the last of that classic hollywood studio era star. >> reporter: today in hollywood at her star on the walk of fame, fans paid tribute to the legendary actress. >> you think classic hollywood, i think elizabeth taylor. >> reporter: taylor first rose to stardom when she was just a teenager in "national velvet." >> father, he is the loveliest thing. >> reporter: she went on to star in dozens of hollywood films, pictures like "cat on a hot tin roof" and "cleopatra." she earned five academy award nomination and won two oscars. she was also the first woman to earn $1 million for a film. >> today, that's a fairly small number, but at the time, it was absolutely gigantic. >> reporter: off-screen, her life was just as dramatic. >> i would say that her life story had -- had packed more incident, more drama than most of the films that she actually did. >> reporter: married eight times to seven different men, husband number six, u.s. senator john warner. >> her heart and soul were just
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as beautiful as her classic face and majestic eyes. >> reporter: but it was her romance to richard burton, whom she first married in 1974 and then again in 1985 that created a media frenzy. >> they were trailblazers for the paparazzi. there had never been anything like that. there had never been stars that big, never been a romance that famous and public and scandalous. >> reporter: in 2009, she privately mourned the passing of one of her best friends, michael jackson. in later years, it was her charity work for aids research that she says kept her going. just days after celebrating her 79th birthday in february, taylor was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. she will be remembered her for beauty, generosity and grace. scott budman -- >> "cat on a hoot tin roof," one of the best movies ever made a private family funeral will be held for elizabeth taylor this week.
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elton john, joan collins, george michael and nancy reagan expressed their great grief over taylor's death. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. he rejoins us now. this was halftime, would you say and start up again, is that the deal? >> good way to look at it raj. the storm this morning, produced some wind and also some rain. still centered here just off the coastline t is going to continue off to the north, but our stronger storm system still offshore at this point it. winds right now anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour and we are finding some moderate pockets of rainfall here for the east bind the south bail. nothing too had heavy at this point, right across livermore and san jose, we will find the isolated areas of rainfall as we continue throughout tonight. meanwhile in advance of the next storm system, the flood advisory out, for the entire bay area for tomorrow morning, we could see some excessive runoffs. one of the areas that we are certainly deke on will be the north bay, we could see certainly one to two inches of rainfall as we head throughout tomorrow morning. also for the south bay, a half
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inch to an inch and a half here for the peninsula, east bay and south bay, just be on alert tomorrow morning for quick water that could accumulate on the roadways and certainly some very gusty winds. right now, low to middle 50s here across the board. not looking at anything too out of whack when it comes to those temperatures. for tonight we will keep the chance of isolated thunderstorms in the forecast, breezy at times. and then for thursday, in the morning, that's where we are pinning the strongest rain and wind coming back with the potential here of some thunderstorms and hail and we still can't rule out the chance here of an isolated tornado developing at this point and then for friday, we will see that system move out and we will look at a chance here of thunderstorms. here is the system we had today. it moves offshore, push to the east and then right now focusing on this larger storm system for the morning hours, drop down winds 20 to 40 miles per hour for your morning commute tomorrow. throughout the night, here is your timeline. looking for mainly scattered rainfall, right into 11 p.m.,
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but the heaviest rain right there computer models picking up on it from 7, 8, 9:00 tomorrow morning, that's when rain could accumulate, one to two inches here. as we head throughout the afternoon, keep that chance of scattered rainfall and thunderstorms in the mix. but at this point, it's for the morning hours when we could see throwing totals, one to two inches and isolated areas. the hotspot, the santa cruz mountains two inches. thinking of heading up to the sierra, one to three feet of snow from lake tahoe on down to yosemite. as far as tonight goes, mid to upper 40s in the south and also the east bay and tomorrow, we will keep numbers in the low to middle 50s here. so, not too cold, but that rain coming down, you surely need the jacket and keep those umbrellas handy and plan extra time in there for that morning commute tomorrow. so as we look at thursday, once again, if you are just tuning in, we are expecting that chance of isolated thunderstorms and the heaviest rainfall for the morning hours on thursday. then by the afternoon, some sun
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bre breaks and thunderstorms possible. for friday, start to calm down a little bit and head for the weekend, eventually get dry air in here. look at this, guys, monday, tuesday and wednesday, sunny skies -- >> and dry. >> yes, and close to 70 degrees, got a few smiles. >> highlight that in red. >> yeah. >> what does that mean, no rain? >> yes, no rain. >> i don't know what that means anymore. >> sun and clouds equals dry, raj. still ahead here at 5:00, apple says i do how the royal wedding is poised to make digital history. also, a new report on the gulf oil spill, does it shift blame away from evic now ce dei focus. we are back in a moment. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that.
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60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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tonight, we are learning that a design flaw is to blame for part of the 200-million gallon bp oil spill that is the conclusion of a study put out
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today by the u.s. coast guard and the interior department. the study shows the blowout prevent they're should have stopped the spill failed because of a faulty design and a bent pipe. the 551-page report also says the actions by the crew and their attempt to control the well may have also contributed to a piece of drill pipe getting trapped. the investigation into what caused the explosion continues. topping our health watch tonight, if you want to lose weight, try going to bed early tonight there is new evidence that shows lack of sleep could impact your waist line. the research comes from columbia university. people on average consumed about 300 more calories when they were sleep deprived versus well rested. women ate about 330 calories more, men about 250 calories more. researchers say most of the sleep-deprived people went for more fattening foods. the favorite choice for the study group was ice cream late at night. >> hmm. i'm sleeping right now. >> guilty as charged. >> we will be back with the royal wedding download.
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finally tonight, prince willy'all and kate middleton can go straight from westminster abbey to your itunes play list. royal officials say the entire april 29th royal wedding, including the vows, will be released digitally within hours of the service. and if you prefer the recording as a cd, vinyl or cassette, those will hit stores few days later on may 5th. the musicians confirmed are the royal choir, the chapel choir. >> did you say vinyl and cassette? >> maybe they have it. >> going old school. >> exactly. >> thanks for joining us. brian williams is next with nightly news. we will see you again at 6:00.
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